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Episode #18: A Functional Approach to Autoimmunity and the Many Uses of LDN with Steve Irsfeld, Pharmacist

December 21, 2020

This is such an energetically charged episode!  Steve Irsfeld, of Irsfeld Pharmacy in Dickinson, and Dr. Stephanie have an engaging and wonderfully thought-provoking conversation about a holistic view of managing autoimmune disease.  One emerging tool (with tons of evidence to support its uses) is low dose naltrexone, typically called LDN.  We discuss  many ways to stabilize the autoimmune response, including this medication, how it works and who may benefit from it.   


Steve is a second-generation pharmacist and has been compounding medications since 1998.  Irsfeld Pharmacy incorporated high quality nutritional supplements in 2005 and Steve and his team have spent the past 15 years promoting health through nutrition and nutritional support within the Dickinson community, and beyond!


Irsfeld Pharmacy


33 9th St W

Dickinson, ND 58601



Facebook: Irsfeld Pharmacy


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