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Episode #24: BodyTalk, Breath Work and Engaging With Our Energy - with Allison Kayati

February 25, 2021

Allison Kayati, of High Vibe Healing, is a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator in Bismarck, ND.  In this episode, Allison shares how energy work played a significant role in her own healing journey, and how she transitioned her interest in energy work into a unique and powerful skill set that she is now offering to our ND communities, virtually!


Join Allison and Dr. Stephanie as we discuss how there is "room at the table" for everyone (in terms of building a solid healthcare team), the unique niche that energy work practitioners hold, who can benefit from BodyTalk and learning Breathwork techniques, and more!  Be sure to tune in long enough to learn a Breathwork pattern that anyone can benefit from.  


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