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Episode #26: Optimizing Fertility, Naturally! - with Dr. Terra Provost, ND

March 17, 2021

As delay in conception, subfertility and infertility become increasingly common concerns and conditions amongst couples, a growing body of research is supporting dietary, lifestyle and nutritional strategies to improve fertility outcomes (even right along WITH advanced reproductive medicine & procedures).   As Naturopathic Doctors, both Dr. Terra Provost (of Crossroads Vitality Natural Health in Fargo) and I believe in the importance of evaluating and treating the whole person (both partners!), not just their reproductive bits.   


Fertility is definitely one of my favorite things to talk about it and I SO enjoyed this great conversation with Dr. Terra.  I hope you'll enjoy listening!  Also, please forgive the occasional ringing phone and email notification... My editing software is on the fritz and I am not about to delay posting this episode long enough to figure it out. ;)


How to reach Dr. Terra Provost:


Crossroads Vitality Natural Health

3330 Fiechtner Dr. S, Suite #106, Fargo 58103


Social media:

FB @DrTerraND

IG @drterrand 

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