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Episode #27: Blood Sugar, Inflammation & and the Immune Response - with Dr. Steve Nagel, DC

March 24, 2021

The human immune system, while always an important issue, moved from discussions generally isolated to the medicine/healthcare/research realm to being a topic of everyday conversation through the happenings of 2020.  What does it mean to have a strong immune system?  How do we, as a society, embrace what we've know about how the immune response works and put that information into practice?


In a time where we may feel like there is so much happening that is outside of our control, Dr. Steve Nagel of 180 Health Solutions in Mandan and I will highlight and emphasize the things that we generally can control (to a greater degree), like blood sugar stability via nutrition, supplementation, and other lifestyle elements, and the significant impact that this will have on the pursuit of strong immune systems.  


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