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Episode #10: Laser Dental Technology gives you more to SMILE about! - Dr. Brielle Renz

October 26, 2020

Did you know... Cavities can be filled painlessly WITHOUT anesthesia??  And that's just the tip of this episode's iceberg... 


Dr. Brielle Renz, DDS, of All Smiles Dental in Bismarck, joins Dr. Stephanie in this episode to discuss various oral (mouth) and dental concerns and how they are being treated with laser technology, as an alternative to traditional dentistry.


We also take a deep dive into understanding lip and tongue ties and the importance of correction (which is NOT a condition specific to infants and babies... ties can affect all ages in a variety of ways).  


To contact Dr. Brielle Renz:

All Smiles Dental:

714 S 2nd St.  Bismarck, ND 




IG: all_smiles_bismarck

FB: /AllSmilesBismarck 

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