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Episode #13: What is your child’s behavior REALLY trying to tell you? with Valeria Meyers, MS, LPCC

November 16, 2020

Valerie Meyers, MS, LPCC, of the Kids Therapy Center in Bismarck (and Valley City!) has a passion for working with children who have experienced trauma.  Over the course of her career, and through personal experience with her own children, she also discovered the value (sometimes necessity) of incorporating a more holistic approach to understanding behaviors and the overall health of children. 


The Kids Therapy Center is known for play, art and sand tray therapies and also for their wellness programs that evaluate and encompass the health and wellness of the whole family unit, not just a struggling child/children.  By incorporating gene testing, organic acid testing, heavy metal testing and food sensitivities, Valerie and her team are helping families resolve health issues on an entirely different level. 


To learn more:

The Kids Therapy Center

1701 South 12th St, Bismarck 58504




IG: the_kids_therapy_center

FB: @thekidstherapycenter

You Tube: The Kid's Therapy Center 

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