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Episode #22: Do you know what’s in your WATER? - with Dustin Zaun, A-1 Water Systems

February 1, 2021

Dustin Zaun KNOWS water.  Whether it be for recreation or business, in Dustin's world water is a big deal.  And it really should be a big deal to all of us!  


Dustin is a licensed water conditioning contractor and HVAC specialist.  His family's own experience with some health concerns following changes to the water in their home launched him into a new journey (and new business) of helping people live their best lives through using and drinking great water.   


Join us to learn about some changes that have occured in the water systems around Bismarck-Mandan (and other larger cities), how these changes may be affecting our health, and what you can do about it!


Contact Dustin:

A-1 Water Systems


3300 Hamilton St, Ste 6, Bismarck 

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