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The Art of the #Unhustle - with Heidi Woods, CNP, RYT 200, OT, Mindfulness Educator

January 18, 2021

In our adult world today, it seems like being the MOST busy, the MOST burned out, the MOST overwhelmed is worn like a badge of honor.  And, how does this play out in our kids and educational systems? 


Difficulty self-regulating, attention concerns and anxiety can be multifaceted issues in children (we discuss some of these facets in detail) and through her life and work experience, Heidi has found that incorporating mindfulness techniques into our schools (at both the adult and child levels) holds immense potential for benefit.  And, her big plans certainly don't stop at positively contributing to the educational system!


Please join Dr. Stephanie and Heidi Woods as we discuss the importance of community contribution, recognizing a need and filling it, mindfulness (including a short guided exercise towards the end... You'll love it!) and how much we all stand to gain when we take responsibility for the energy we bring into spaces throughout our days. 


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